Nat co-wrote Lisa Picard is Famous with Laura Kirk.  The screenplay
caught the interest of Mira Sirvino who brought it to indie darling Dolly Hall
(Eye of God, High Art, Incredible Adventures of Two Girls in Love) who
enlisted director/actor Griffin Dunne to helm the project.  
LPIF was selected
for the 2000 Cannes Film Festival's un certain regard and was released
theatrically in the United States by FirstLook.

Nat is currently working on a new play titled
So the Cool Thing is I've Completely Stopped Talking About Him.

“…succeeds by being as heartfelt as it is hilarious.”
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone Magazine
September 27,2001

*** (3 stars)
“Lisa Picard Is Famous is a high-grade lampoon, at once more
consistently on the money and less patronizing than anything
off the Christopher Guest conveyor belt.”
Jan Stuart, Newsday
August 22, 2001

“The movie’s funniest and broadest comic moments show Tate’s
(DeWolf) Off-Off-Broadway debut in an excruciating one-man
show Hate Crimes and Broken Hearts.”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times
August 22, 2001

***(3 stars)
“…much smarter, and in a gentle low-key way, tougher and
funnier than you expect.”
“It would be far too easy to make fun of a couple of solipsistic
would-be thespians and, fortunately, the makers of this film –
stars/co-writers Laura Kirk and Nat DeWolf, and director/star
Griffin Dunne – are too smart to fall into that trap.”
Jonathan Foreman, The New York Post
August 22,2001

“The writer’s skewering of Hollywood liberal bandwagon-jumping
is the funniest thing in the picture. A close second is Tate’s
reaction (DeWolf) when Hollywood throws big-time option money
at him…”
Matt Zoller Seitz, The New York Press
August 22-28, 2001
“Squirmingly funny…”
“It’s not every comedy that can make you laugh with
ridicule and cringe in empathetic horror
at the same time…”
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
September 21, 2001